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ABC Company Case study

Common Shortcuts That May Affect Perception When Judging Others

When perceiving in stimuli in the environment such as in the organization, people tend to make common errors hence they end up realizing poor results. Some of the errors include projection, selective perception, halo effects, and attribution among others.


It the act of judging other based on the perception of the group where the person being judged belongs to. For instance, people may believe that all Chinese are hard work however; it may not be the case.

Halo Effect:

This is the tendency of people to have a general impression based on single striking characteristics. For example, if one speaks English fluently, one might tend to believe that such a person is very intelligent.

Contrast Effect:

It is the tendency of people to evaluate a person characteristic by contrasting them with the very people who have happened to achieve lower or higher position on the same characteristic (Colbert, et, al., 2004).For instance, when one is making a presentation after a perfect presentation has been made he or she may have think that he or she will not make a perfect presentation.

Selective Perception

Selective perception is the tendency of observing people selectively and according on their interest and attitude (Colbert, et, al., 2004). For example, the Human resource manager may mainly focus on the need to motivate workers.

Shortcut Made By ABC Company

ABC made this error when the company embraced the use of flexible hour programs for the workers. The company only focused on motivating the workers in order to retain them. However, the program did not work when the company started receiving complaints from both workers and clients regarding deviant behavior from some workers such as Jane.

Job Satisfaction In relation to ABC Company

Job satisfaction can be regarded a kind or level of satisfaction a worker feels concerning his or her job (Martins, & Terblanche, 2003). Such kind of feeling is majorly based on a person perception of satisfaction. It can be influenced by an individual capability to finish required task in the organization; there are major attitudes that can be used to determine job satisfaction in the organization.

There was high level of job satisfaction when the company introduced flexible work arrangements in order to motivate workers to remain in the company. This was indicated by high level of Morale in the office as various workers were excited by the implementation of the flexible work arrangements.

ABC workers willingness to complete their task on time showed high level of satisfaction among some workers in ABC Company. For instance, Jane who is one of the ABC workers who is a programmer in the company informed Mr. Lim that she would be willing to take flexible work arrangement in order to take care of her young kid. Besides, Jane has assured Mr.Lim that her work quality will never suffer and all the projects would be met. High level of satisfaction is also depicted in Daniel, who is also one of the programmers. He communicated to Mr. Lim that he would be working in office during the morning’s hours since he would like to take up part-time studies in the afternoons. He also made arrangements with his fellow workmates in order to ensure that his projects would progress as planned.

On the other hand, some workers such as Richard is not happy with the program as indicated in his email to Mr. Lim. To an extent, it brought a lot of laxity in the company as some workers were not able to complete their task hence this led to customer complaint. For instance, Mr. Lim was amazed when the company failed the client. When Mr lim investigated the issue he was shocked to realize that the team who were to complete the projects had great conflicts. Conflict, in the organization indicates low level of job satisfaction in the organization.

Three major Attitudes

Attitude can be defined as an evaluative statement regarding people or events. There are three major components of attitudes which are related in some ways. The components are:

Cognitive component: It is the belief segment of an attitude.

Behavioral component: It is a component of attitude which entails the intention of people to behave in a particular way towards an object or a person.

Affective component: It is regarded as the emotional segment of an attitude.

In relation to the ABC Company the three components can be portrayed. For example, the behavioral component is portrayed when the new program was introduced. The workers were very happy with the flexible program. On the other hand, affective component is portrayed when Richard felt that the company was unfair for paying equal salaries to even workers who were very slack and who were always absent from office. Lastly the behavioral component is portrayed when there were many complain from workers who were complaining about the impact of the new program.

Deviant workplace behavior in ABC Company

Deviant behavior is unethical behaviors where workers substantially change their behavior in the organization. Deviant behaviors in the organization may include; theft, embezzlement of organization fund, vandalism, and absenteeism. Deviant behaviors among workers in the organization have negative impact to the organization mostly to the economic impact to the organization. Some of the employees of ABC Company have portrayed deviant behaviors.

Some workers such as Jane have shown very deviant behavior by failing to commit to her promise to Mr. Lim when she assured him that flexible program will not affect her performance in the organization. However, she failed to complete her tasks in time as reported by Mr. Richard in his email to Mr. Lim. Others workers in ABC Company were also slack in doing their work as reported by Mr. Richard in his email.

Absenteeism is one of deviant behavior that has cropped in ABC Company. For instance, Jane and Daniel have not been able to work effectively to complete their task since most of the time they are not in the office. For example, Daniel is able to be in the office only during the morning hours, while Jane complains that she cannot be in the office most of the time since she is taking care of her little kid.

Conflict in the organization is a deviant behavior since it hinder effective coordination among workers hence this may hinder the productivity of workers in the organization. For instance, the company failed the client when the workers failed to do the clients project in time. When Mr. Lim monitored the progress of other projects, he realized that one of the team members was not speaking with other members.


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