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ABD. It is the acronym for “All but Dissertation.” It is also the status of every Ph.D. student who has completed all of the coursework and comps for a dissertation but has not completed a dissertation yet. According to the most recent statistics available, an average of 50% do not ever finish that final project. And since ABD is not an official degree, a resume for this individual can only list a Master’s Degree. It’s seems a waste.

There are many reasons why students do not finish their dissertations. Some may be external (not enough advising, the need to work, etc.), but most of them are internal – procrastination, fear of not writing well enough to satisfy a committee, and a research project that just doesn’t pan out like planned.

Getting the Right Help

Advisors come in all colors and stripes, but most are busy people. Worse, some are just neglectful. What a dissertation student needs is consistent, high quality help from someone who has “been there and done that.” At Premier Essay, this is exactly what you can get.

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Our Ph.D. Consultants

We have spent many years lining up Ph.D. consultants to work specifically with graduate students, helping them with Master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation research and writing. Many are retired professors or have been in specific research or career fields. They understand both the process and the pitfalls of dissertation writing and can provide any type of assistance a student may need.

We’ll Begin at Your Point of Need

No matter where you are in your dissertation process, that is where your Premier Essay Ph.D. Consultant will begin. Even if you have not yet begun, you will have the same consultant to help you through the entire work. Let’s take a look at each chapter, what you will need to do and how your consultant can help.

The Research Question

Your proposal obviously cannot be written until you have identified and refined your research question. You may have a topic area of interest and may have even done enough initial research to have a research project in mind. Your consultant can help you refine your interest into a strong research question that will satisfy your advisor/committee. You will either be replicating other research in order to validate it further or adding new research to an area of study.

The Proposal

Proposals often take 3-4 tries before being finally approved. Committee members all have their individual agendas, so it is unusual for this piece to be completely acceptable the first time out. Your proposal will need to include your research question, a justification for that question, a summary of initial research, and at least an initial explanation of your research design. You will also need to include a timeline – this is somewhat flexible, but they do want to see a basic plan for completion of each chapter.

Because your consultant has done this many times before, chances are you will be able to submit a proposal that works. At the very most, when you do get a request for some revision, it will probably be a lot less work and your consultant will know just how to clean it up.

The Introduction

Most students save the introduction for last, and that is probably a good idea. Until you have completed the research and conclusions, the introduction may be a bit difficult to write. Still, you don’t want to reveal your results in that introduction. You want to state your research question and justify it, and perhaps give a very cursory intro to your research design.

The Literature Review

Most students find this part of the dissertation the most tedious and the least pleasant. It smacks of doing a huge research paper, although it is structured a bit differently. You will be discussing all previous related research. Your personal consultant is a research expert in your field and will be able to locate the right research and summarize it for you. This will save you a huge amount of time. So what to wait? Start benefiting with our offer!



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The Methodology

This will be the “heart” of your dissertation. You will be explaining how and why you designed your research study as you did, what instruments you have used and how those instruments have been validated. Your research is done locally by you. Beware of dissertation writing services that promise to do a complete dissertation for you from start to finish. How will they do a research project for you if they are across the country of an ocean?

Your consultant can set up your design and find the right instruments, but s/he cannot come to your locale and complete the research. You will implement the research and collect the data; you can then send that data to your consultant for a written-up presentation and analysis.

Dissertation Analysis and Discussion Chapter

This is where the statistical analysis comes in. Did you answer your question, and did your research yield significant findings? Your consultant can “crunch those numbers” using the right formulae and prepare the analysis presentation, also called the discussion.

The Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the important of your research and conclusions and what it adds to your academic field. It will also point future researchers in new directions. Further, you will address and constraints and nuisance factors. Ph.D. consultants who have done this many times before, can also do it for you.

Other Dissertation Services

  • Editing and Proofreading: It is a mistake for anyone to edit and proofread his/her own dissertation. For one, the writer is too “close” to the piece to be objective. Second, unless the writer is a master of scholarly composition, he should find someone who is to edit the piece. We have the PH.D.’s to do that for you.
  • Formatting: This is not a fun job but it must be done correctly. Let one or our master formatters do this for you.
  • Thesis Services: In addition to full dissertation services, the same field-specific Ph.D.’s can do the same for those in need of thesis help.

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