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Welcome to our website. Since you’ve landed here, we assume you are interested in learning more about our essay services. We’ll begin by addressing why a student like you might order a paper online. Then, we’ll go into details about how our services work.

Why do Students Use Essay Services?

Did you know that students spend an average of 17 hours per week studying? If you think about it it, that’s quite a bit. Let’s say that you sleep six hours a night. That’s another 42 hours taken out of your week. If you take a 15 hour class load. Between class and commute time, that could be another 20 hours out of your week. Now, add in 25 hours for a part time job. If you play sports or are involved in other campus activities that could eat up two hours a day. Most people also  need another two  hours per day to prepare meals and run errands.

If you are doing the math, that leaves you about five hours per day. That’s not bad as long as everything stays on track. That’s time to socialize, interact with your family, get in a workout, or just relax. Unfortunately, things don’t always stay on track.

A family obligation, illness, a class you simply are struggling to understand, too many assignments hitting at once, mandatory overtime; These are just a few real life struggles that can throw you off balance and leave you needing  help with your writing assignments. This is where we come in.

What is Custom Essay Writing

We have taken the concept of writing original papers and taken it a step forward. There are plenty of companies that will take your grade level and topic, then write an essay for you. Our goal is to provide you with a truly personalized experience. This means collaborating with you to write a custom essay that meets your specifications.

Here are some of the options you have when you place your order:

  • Upload a Writing Sample so Your Writer Can Match Your Voice
  • Send us Links to Research Databases And Resources You Want us to Use
  • Provide Very Specific Details in Your Order Instructions
  • Request a Writer Who Has Done Great Work For You in The Past

Better yet, your personalization options don’t end when you submit your order. Instead, you will be in direct contact with your writer throughout the entire process. You can provide clarification, make suggestions, and even field a few ideas from your writer. Remember that each writer has a graduate degree and career experience. They are always  happy to offer suggestions to you.

The end result is that you can expect an essay that truly reflects your voice and point of view.

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You Probably Can’t Help me With my Essay…

Are you an advanced student? Is your topic something that could be described as a bit obscure? While we cannot guarantee that we can help with literally every assignment, we can guarantee that we have amassed a diverse team of writers. Here are just a few of the topics that we have successfully tackled in the past:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Alternative Fuels For Mass Transit
  • How Anti Intellectualism in American Life Applies Today More Than Ever
  • Great 21st Century Comedians
  • A History of Baking in America
  • Law Enforcement Theory

Not only do we look forward to tackling tough writing assignments, we work with students from high school all the way to doctoral candidates.

Who is Going to Write my Essay?

This is a very fair question. We’ll start with some info about our writers. Every writer has a graduate degree and works intently on your project in partnership with you.

Not only do we have high standards when it comes to our writers’ education, we conduct rigorous background checks and training. This includes verifying employment and education. Our writers are expected to have relevant, real world experience as well as formal schooling.

The few writers who do make it through our screening process are then subjected to a battery of tests. We do this to weed out those who are not native English speakers, and who don’t have strong research and writing skills. Finally, after they are hired each writer goes through an intensive training program. This is where they learn our policies and procedures, and work under the guidance of one of our top writers.

By the time we ‘turn them loose’ our writers are more than ready to meet your online writing needs!

We Cannot Wait to Get Started!

We would love to help you with your next essay assignment. All you  need to do is click on the button to place an order, or start a chat with a customer service rep. In just a few minutes, we can get to work on any assignment that is troubling you. So why to wait more? 


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