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Editing and Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading Your Own Writing? You Might Want to Re-think That

You have written your essay, your research paper, maybe even your dissertation. It’s time to review, edit, and proofread the piece. Or is it? If you are editing and proofreading your own written work, you may be making a big mistake. Why? For several possible reasons:

  • You are very “close” to your work, because you wrote it. As you review it now, there is every chance that you will miss some errors.
  • You may not be a highly skilled scholarly writer – many students are not, but this is no comment on your intelligence.
  • You may not have the time to do a thorough edit and will thus turn in a piece that will be “downgraded” because of grammatical and compositional mistakes.

If You Do Your Own Editing…

If you are still determined to edit your own work, then here are some tips that will help you along.

  • If you know that you struggle a bit with sentence structure, read your piece aloud to yourself. You may very well catch those errors, because you verbally construct sentences that are correct. You don’t always do so in your writing. If it doesn’t sound correct to you when you read it aloud, go back and fix it so that it does.
  • Read it backwards. Yes, start at the end and read it word-for-word backwards. This will allow you to find spelling errors that you would have glossed over before. Do not rely on spell-checker apps to get it right. They are not 100% reliable.
  • Read the entire piece start to finish and look for structural correctness. Have you provided your thesis statement in the introduction? Are there good transitions between sections and paragraphs? Are the points you have made in a logical order? Have you “rambled” or gotten off-course with irrelevant content?

Editing and proofreading is not fun; it is not easy; but it is absolutely critical if you are going to submit a piece of writing for a grade. And if it’s a capstone project, like a thesis or dissertation, you can be certain that it will be rejected if careful editing and proofreading doesn’t happen.

What to do When You Need Another Set of Eyes

If you know that you are not the best editor of your own work, you are making a wise choice. You really aren’t. So, now the task becomes, who do you get to do this? You have some options:

  • If you have a friend who is truly skilled in English grammar and composition, you can call upon him/her to edit and proofread. The problem with this option is that the friend may be busy with coursework assignments too, and this is a huge imposition, unless you have something to offer in return.
  • You may have a skilled family member to whom you can email your piece and hope for a quick response. If they have the time, this option can work out well.
  • You can find an academic writing service that has professional editors and proofreaders who can make fast work of your task and meet your deadline.

What Premium Essay Offers

We call ourselves “premier” because we truly believe we have the best academic writing service on the planet. For years, we have developed and improved our product and service line to meet the needs of students at all academic levels. We product original academic writing pieces for our clients, but we also offer fast and reliable essay and proofreading services. Here’s what happens when you choose us to complete your editing and proofreading.

  • We assign an editor in the topic field of your piece of writing. That pro is familiar with the topic as well as being an expert on scholarly writing.
  • Your assigned editor will review your piece in two phases. Phase one will be the structural review, to ensure that the piece flow logically and smoothly, that there is a thesis statement and that points are in a good sequence with transitions between them. Phase two is the proofreading. Are all sentences structured correctly? Is word usage correct? Is proper grammar used? Is spelling and punctuation correct?
  • Urgent deadlines are not a problem. Our editors are apprised of your deadline and will complete the editing and proofreading task as quickly as needed. You’ll get a finished product that is perfect in every way.

When You Use Premier Essay

You need an editing service that is reliable, and reliability is a cornerstone of our business model. Other things are too:

  • Pricing is attractive and affordable, and discounts are available to new and existing clients
  • You will enjoy full confidentiality, for we protect our clients’ personal information as if it were our own
  • You will have your product by the deadline you have set

If you have a need for editing and/or proofreading, let the leading academic writing service help you out. Just fill out the order form and see how rapidly we get to work.

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