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80% of students worry about finances. Many even go without food or eat low quality foods such as ramen or frozen burritos just to make ends meet. For some things get so bad that they must take on full or part time work. Others even consider dropping out. Student loan debt adds even more stress to this equation. 

On the other hand, earning a college degree is still worthwhile. In fact, someone with a college degree will earn about 48,500 dollars per year compared to the 23,900 earned by someone with a high school diploma. This makes the struggle worthwhile for most students. Still, we are aware that many of our clients are operating on a tight budget. Because of this, we work hard to charge reasonable prices and offer great discount programs.

First Time Discounts

We have a policy of welcoming all new customers with great customer service, quality writing, and a fifteen percent discount on their first order. Even better, you don’t have to do much at all to get the discount. Just create a customer account and insert: Prime20

Lifetime Discounts

The more you order, the more you save! You’ll receive  a five percent lifetime discount after you’ve ordered a total of fifteen pages from Premier Essay. Get up to fifty pages and that lifetime discount moves up to ten percent. After you’ve ordered one hundred pages, you will be qualified for a lifetime discount of fifteen percent on every order that you place in perpetuity.


If you’ve had an amazing experience with Premier Essay, pass the word along to your friends. We bet they could use some extra help from time to time as well. They will get that sweet, first time customer discount. You’ll get a fifteen percent referral discount as well. It’s our way of thanking you for giving our business a bit of a boost.

Holiday And Seasonal Discounts

Spring, summer, fall, the beginning of school, the end of school, Christmas, or spring break; We’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate. Check this page on a regular basis. There’s a great chance that we’ll have some kind of special discount offer available.

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